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Road Marking Project


The pavement marking project was inspired by the site survey of the area around elephant & castle, I was interested in taking pictures of signs and symbols on the road, after documenting data, I found pavement marking (or road markings) on the ground are attractive with its graphical shapes and repeated form. Marking is everywhere,it may be the most ubiquitous info graphic in the world. I thought marking is common and it was there all the time, and we didn’t know that how the rules was built and how the shapes and symbols were designed, or what the material of the paint? Is it designed with specific disciplines?


Therefore, I started to collect and document those markings, the graph beneath is the starting point of my research. I used typography to arrange them in different colours (red, white, yellow) / shapes / and complexity order. I thought when I took the photos, I purposely cropped those markings in squares, it is kind of lost its meaning or being deconstructed and turn into simple graphical shapes, lines, curves and dots. It provokes me to study deeper of the knowledge in this field and try to find out more variety of how we can do with road markings in the graphic design area.




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